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Digital products

We won't bore you with pictures of strategy papers and project plans, so here are some digital products.

We have created public-facing websites, mobile apps and web-based apps*.

*Web-based apps are software systems that don't need to be installed on your PC or phone. You log in through the web.


Audi Paint and Body (bespoke)

screenshot mobilizedworld taxonomy list
screenshot mobilizedworld editing
screenshot mobilizedworld members

MobilizedWorld (CMS & Reporting, Drupal)

screenshot artist home page
screenshot artist gallery
screenshot artist lightbox
screenshot artist about
screenshot artist instagram posts

Artist's website (on Squarespace)

screenshot cando challenge details
screenshot cando article list
screenshot cando home

canDO! (CMS, Shop, Mobile App & Dashboard, Drupal)

screenshot vwpnb page
screenshot vwpnb quote

Volkswagen Paint and Body (bespoke)

screenshot skodapnb footer
screenshot skodapnb satisfaction
screenshot skodapnb panel
screenshot skodapnb scenery
screenshot skodapnb panel

SKODA (bespoke)

screenshot www.microactions.org scotty 1
screenshot www.microactions.org research

Micro-Actions (Blog, WordPress)

screenshot seatpnb satisfaction
screenshot seatpnb panel
screenshot seatpnb footer
screenshot seatpnb map cropped

SEAT (bespoke)


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