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Change strategy and planning

We often work with organisations who know something needs to change, without really knowing what, how or even why. If you know you need to respond to changing competition, legal requirements, falling profits, or just have a vague idea that your current way of working needs to improve somehow -we'll help you. We are very happy moving from a woolly concept to a written-up strategic document, a feasibility study, a cost-benefit analysis and an implementation plan.

Programme & project management

You might ask us to stick around and help you implement your plan. We follow Agile, PRINCE2 and hybrid project management structures as appropriate to the task and your culture. We have experienced many different projects and corporate cultures, so we slot in very comfortably and start contributing quickly. We include stakeholders at all stages and always seek routes through a project that bring the quickest return on investment.

Business analysis

You want your business analysts to be natural networkers capable of empathy and good communication with stakeholders. They need an ability to swap between linear and lateral thinking. We love ad hoc problem-solving and opportunity investigation. We undertake longer term assignments too - as business analysts in organisational change and software projects. We've been 'product owners' in Agile and Scrum-based projects.

Websites & mobile apps

We build bespoke websites, mobile apps and web-based applications. We also use Squarespace, WordPress and Drupal when appropriate to speed up development, reduce your costs or when you need a friendly content management system.
We can help you increase your engagement with customers by linking your eCommerce software to Instagram or Facebook, so people can buy straight from the picture. Less friction in the process means more sales.

Coaching & mentoring

We've been around quite a while. We've seen people through achieving business change, building teams and learning new skills and ways of doing things. Because some people valued this help just as much as the project we were officially doing together, we decided to offer coaching and mentoring as a service in its own right. We especially enjoy working with startups.

Our services

How can we help?

Strategy & change

Business strategy and competitive tactics
Marketing, especially digital channels
Service design, LEAN and MVP
Process improvement and organisational change management

Analysis & project management

Problem or opportunity discovery & definition
Businesses analysis and stakeholder management
Generating options and choosing solutions
Business and financial proposals
Programme and project management

Software development

Website front end development
Mobile app development
Back end & CMS development
Web services and APIs
Bug-fixes and updates
Customers. Big and small. We love them all.

Our work has helped some great organisations.

About us

We like variety!

We are management consultants who nearly always find ourselves working with digital solutions for organisations.

We have a few degrees in languages, business, ICT and international development.

We’ve worked as ICT specialists with Accenture, HP, Intel, openMIND and Savant. Projects cover automotive, energy, healthcare, telecommunications and travel infrastructure.

We are based in the UK but have worked in Europe, Africa, SE Asia and the US. Remote working and cross-cultural teams are part of the deal.


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